Fairy Tale Wedding

The groom waits nervously in a hall full of weddingmen. It doesn't take long and will finally see it. It'll take his breath away. She's so beautiful. She looks like a princess in a beautiful dress. Her eyes are so fortunate that even a small footprint of nervousness cannot be seen. At her side is a man who will soon become a bridegroom's tress. From his expression it is possible to read the belief that he confers his daughter in the right hands. The bridegroom can be you.
First step
First of all, you have to say. Ideally visit with her partner her favorite place and there use the moment of surprise. It may happen that the circumstances will not wish you-it will catch you bad weather or you will not be able to book a table in her favorite restaurant. But don't believe your head, the key moment is waiting for you. By the time you open the box and your beloved impresses the famous power of the engagement ring, nothing else will matter.