Increase the resilience of your organs against DHT production

We all know that hormones are responsible for many of the processes in our bodies. In certain cases, however, their overproduction may directly disturb our body and some organs. A typical example is an enlarged prostate gland that is the result of the body's sensitivity to the production of one of the hormones, namely dihydrotestosterone. However, our company knows a way to increase the resistance of your organism just against DHT.
Even a growing age will not mind
An enlarged prostate is a problem especially of older men's age. However, this higher age will not mind if you intend to reduce your susceptibility to dihydrotestosterone, which is also responsible for your urinary problems. Our medicinal solution contains highly concentrated willow extracts (Epilobium parfilor), the effects of which have been demonstrated in many different scientific studies and works. And our satisfied customers also confirm them.