Know what fate tells you

To know your destiny with the help of small discrete cards is a great magical charm. Unfortunately, it was previously inadmissible thanks to the church. She was still worried that it was witchcraft. Fortunately, we now know that this is nothing wrong and we are very pleased to recognize the importance of tarot cards. It's one of the great ways to tell your future.  In addition, it can be done with a little skill and learning. If you like to find an interpretation of the future, it is not a matter of understanding the principle and trying everything according to yourself. It's not that hard.
Understand the prediction principle
To understand how the Oracle is not really difficult. Just learn the four elements that affect them. They are swords, cups, sticks and pentakillas. Another important name is then the great Arkány. You need to know more cards. They are eg. Empress, Mage, Lovers, hermit, death, strength, sun,… Etc. The individual principles of the cards will take a long time before you understand their meaning. It's good to read it until you're in memory. For example, you can weave elements that are all numbered. Like four sticks or the Pentakas king.